The passion for our work has guided us for over 20 years in the creation of women's footwear collections. Our goal has always been and will continue to be, to combine style and product quality with traditional craftsmanship, which remains the fundamental principle of the company. We prefer style, an expression of Italian taste recognized all over the world, of the joy of living every day and all seasons, over the ephemeral concept of fashion. The style and quality of our products and the artisan tradition are values that cannot be renounced for us, the true expression Oof a Made in Italy product.


The entire production cycle is carried out within our structure by master craftsmen. The work is carried out by combining the most modern technologies with traditional methodologies. Inside the company, with the help of valid stylists and with the experience of the Sorelli family, we create the prototypes, which will then become the reference point of the production. Starting from the prototype, our master craftsmen with the help of machinery cut the leathers that will form the upper. Then the shoe will be assembled and finished, giving life to a very high quality product. A rigorous quality control is then carried out on the finished product, before placing the shoes between papers and tissues in boxes of excellent quality and shipped in Italy and in the world, symbol of the real MADE IN ITALY.